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Giveaway – M&S Hampton Gift Box


Hello and welcome to our luxury M&S Hampton gift box giveaway. This competition is completely free to enter and you can come back daily for more free entries. Have you got a friends or families birthday coming up? Or perhaps you fancy a cosy night in on the sofa. Whatever the reason, have a few…

A Guide for Keeping a Tarot Journal for Beginners


This is an article for beginners on how keeping a tarot journal is key to success. It walks you through the process of how to set up your journal, what to write in it, and how to interpret your tarot cards. Keeping a tarot journal is a great way for beginners to learn more about…

Giveaway – M&S The Beaulieu Hamper Worth £50!


Welcome to Spiritual Life Learning where this month we are offering you the chance to a win the amazing M&S The Beaulieu Hamper for absolutely free. Of course it’s not just any hamper, it’s an M&S hamper full of luxury treats and Wine. We have teamed up with a list of other bloggers to offer…

5 Ways to Understand and Embrace Your Psychic Gifts

Mediumship Psychic

Psychic abilities are a natural expression of the brain’s ability to perceive and process information, and understanding these abilities may lead to a more fulfilling life. Many people believe that psychic gifts and abilities will become more common in the future. These abilities may be more accessible due to our increased understanding of the brain…

Giveaway – M&S Christmas Tea in Mayfair Hamper!


That’s right we have another amazing giveaway for you, that’s again completely free to enter! And it’s not just any giveaway, oh no it’s a Marks & Spencer’s Christmas Hamper Giveaway! This Hamper is absolute luxury and would make a fantastic gift for someone you love or just keep it for yourself. Whenever we think…

Cadbury’s Chocolate & Wine Hamper Giveaway!


Cadbury’s Chocolate and Wine Hamper. Giveaway competition for your chance to win this amazing hamper for free!

What To Do When Crystal’s Break

Crystals Healing

There are so many different reasons why crystal’s might break. The gems could break because their work with us is done. Maybe perhaps the crystals has taken on too much toxic energy that is all around us and this has caused the gem to break. We must all remember that even if our crystal has…

The Best Five Crystal’s for Healing

Blog Crystals Healing

In this article, we will be discussing the top five healing crystals used for natural healing with the intent of bringing balance, harmony, and peace to one’s life. This article may contain some affiliate links where I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. 1. Rose quartz Rose quartz is a stone…

Crystal Healing and Its Wonders

Blog Crystals Healing

People have been using crystals for protection for hundreds of years. They’re thought to protect against all kinds of bad luck and the negativity that’s able to permeate in our lives from negative sources.  Crystal jewelry and crystal healing are common among many different cultures. They’re also used by alternative medicine practitioners. How do crystals…